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Little Dove’s Discovery and Other Stories is a children’s book by Nadejda Hristova. The book is comprised of original tales of imaginary worlds filled with fascinating characters, unexpected twists, wise deeds and, above all things, hope.


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The Most Difficult Lesson and other stories

Four more tales from the Precious Gift Series will transport you into the realm of make-believe where wise advice is followed, decisions are made and lessons are learned.

Discover what so many princesses, noble women and village girls saw in ‘The Mirror of Desires’. Join Little Bear as he learns another lesson about friendship. Will the door to the lumber room be opened to reveal what lies within? And follow the young suitors as they try to ascertain what the most difficult lesson in the world is.

I would welcome Nadejda back to read some more of her lovely stories to our children.

Shirley Miller, Nursery Manager, Busy Bees Children’s Day Nursery at Hillingdon Hospital, UK

This is a storybook for young children and adults. It contains genuine worldly wisdom and is easy for children to understand and imagination how being loving and doing good can be a way to find happiness. Like Little Bear, let us take care of the path on which we might find our own happiness.

Tanya Taneva, Associate Professor in Psychology, Trakia University, Bulgaria

The Treasure that Eyes Cannot See and other stories

Four tales with delightful characters will take you to an imaginary world where you will be encouraged to ponder some of the difficult questions in life: Will the things I possess make me happy? Who are my friends? Am I a real friend? Join Little Bear as he learns a new meaning of friendship. See what happens when a spoilt princess spends three days with a peasant family. Meet Little Sunflower who suffers as the result of the greed and lies of another. And discover the exquisite treasure that eyes cannot see.